SSDynamics 2/1/2022 4:23:29 PM

What security can override sales order setup?


Version: Dynamics GP 2010 ver: 11.00.2351 SP4

Under Sales Order Processing Setup - for all document types (Quotes, Orders, BackOrders, Invoices, Returns) we removed the check for the ability to DELETE documents.  Thus for audit trails, everyone must VOID.   (did this over a year ago)

Today a document disappeared.  We couldn't process it to an invoice because it didn't exist, but we had a paper copy of the picking ticket.  I then searched SQL under unposted and history and the document wasn't anywhere.  The only thing that could make sense was a DELETE.  Going around to various workstations, some users can call up any unprocessed (not transferred to an invoice) document from "open orders" and under ACTION they have the DELETE option.  Other users do not have the delete option.  

So I called up two users (with and without delete ability) and there are no differences in their checked security roles.  

Where is this ability to override SOP setup coming from?


Version: GP 2010
Section: Dynamics GP

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