Products We Recommend

Here is a short list of the tools that we use in day-to-day coding (not including the obvious ones like Visual Studio and SQL Server)

Stuff I can't do without (a.k.a. stuff everyone should own)

Anything made by Just Great Software. We use several applications from these folks - we use Edit Pad daily, Help Scribble, and Regex Buddy. That app helped us turn 20 lines of code into 2 by crafting a clever regex to parse a URL. Good people, too. Very responsive, always improving their stuff.
Constant Contact We're always being asked by clients to do some sort of email blast, often from a web application. We've had our web and email servers blacklisted in the past... not fun. Now we only use Constant Contact for email list sends. Try it once, you won't go back.
Beyond Compare from Scooter Software. This way cool tool compares and syncronizes files and folders. FTP capable. I don't go a day without using this.
Red Gate Software. Essential tools for SQL Server, .NET and Exchange. Great software, great support. Just save yourself some time, buy everything they make. 5 star support.
Rackspace Email. I've gone through and studied tons of email providers, and spent countless hours fighting spam and all it's problems. The email solution is about as good as it gets. And the support is consistantly 5 star. Rackspace OWA
Magic Iso (and Magic Disc) Software that burns ISO files and makes an ISO file look like a CD to the operating system. Very handy.
Snagit Most of the tools listed here I use every day. Snagit I use every hour. I run a three monitor setup, but even that's not enough sometimes. I take screen shots of forms and data and it's there when I need to see it. I document apps, send clearly explained emails... This is a must have.
 Binary Fortress Software. BF has a couple of great pieces of software that I use daily. DisplayFusion is a 5 star utility for your monitor - it does too much to even explain here, you'll have to visit the site a see for your self. I'm learning new tricks every day. ClipboardFusion clears the clipboard of formatting characters, ideal for pasting code in places. Excellent support, too.
Here's a blurb on the FileSeek utility, too
Hiren's Boot CD Hiren's BootCD is a boot disk utility that will help in resolving and making reformatting your computer easy. This kind of compilation software provides a compilation of programs to help resolves most and some uncommon Internet and computer issues like driver failure, intermittent internet connection and other computer malfunctions.


Bandwidth tests

Crystal redistribution file
FolderSize - great utility on sourceforge that gives you the size of folders in Windows Explorer

Online Backup
I don't know much about online backups... and I'm not endorsing the companies listed below. I just want to have a list of options


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