btamulis 2/1/2022 10:29:12 AM

Year End Close Process - Subledger Transactional Posting in Closed Year.

I have been around awhile, and I have never done the following in Great Plains at Year End.

Company is getting ready to close 2021.

2020 is closed - as you all know - Great Plains allows user to post into the latest historical year.

This morning I did something I have done before (in TEST Company) I opened to posting last period of 2020. I then entered two AP vouchers for two different vendors. I then posted them (dated 12/31/2020). I then applied the documents to open unapplied payments for the two vendors.

Great Plains seems to have done everything perfectly. GL looks correct (we did take a hit on Retained Earnings because we reduced accrued payables).

Has anyone ever posted from subledger into a Historical Year in GP? Is there anything I should worry about? 

The company close the subledger at all - so vendor amounts, and all that stuff doesn't seem to matter. 

Thanks in advance - I hate to do this in LIVE and then discover something I missed.............

Version: All
Section: Dynamics GP

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