ian maclauchlan 3/31/2021 2:05:56 AM

VAT DayBook Issues

Hi All 

In the UK we have to be MTD and therefore have to start using the VAT Daybook this meant we had to upgrade GP to  18.3.1233. However there seems to be a problem with this version that Microsoft have now acknowledged but have no timetable to a solution! 

The issue is that with invoices that have multiple lines of VAT on them the new VAT Daybook report completely ignores them! So if the seqnumber is > 100 in the TX table the report ignore the entire invoice.

We have trading with Europe that means we need to have reverse charging, I (and im not an accountant! ) have been told that the process of entering the data is to have the original line of tax say 

Euro21% 100 then also

 UKZero 0

this then triggers the reverse charging element, but also means that there are multiple lines in the TX table and therefore the data isnt on the VAT report!! 


Has anyone else come across this and has anyone got a solution that doesn't involve a load of development work :-)


Version: GP 2015
Section: Dynamics GP

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