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lcarness 10/22/2019 7:30:25 PM

Management Reporter - Wont Multiply by Exchange Rate

I am implementing GP 2018 and the latest version of MR.  I have configured two different sets of Exchange Rate tables, one that derives Reporting Currency (USD) from GBP by multiplying and one by dividing by the exchanges rate. 

No matter which I setup using the Rate Types MR insists on calculating the wrong USD, always making it less than the original GBP instead of more. For example if the rate is set as a multiply type 1.25 GBP to each 1.00 USD and you have a value of 100 GBP it shows 80 USD, when it should be 125 USD.

If I change the Exchange tables the result is the same. 

What step am I missing? I have loaded the Dec 2015 Balance Sheet in GBP and that is the first month being entered ever in the entity, and the year is not closed. I just want to know that I can translate this to the USD balance I was expected.

Do I need to close the year, and then enter historical data? But the balances were all GBP, its not that they were USD transactions converted to GBP. I just want MR to show me a translated amount. 





Version: GP 2015
Section: Management Reporter

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