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lonnienelson 4/24/2019 12:28:38 PM

eConnect Error Code 908 (Invalid Sales Account)

eConnect Error Code 908 (Invalid Sales Account)

I am trying to override the default sales account when creating an invoice.  I am passing in the account index (@I_vSLSINDX varchar(75)) as a string.  I have tried setting it as a variable from my code and also hard coding the account index in my code and get the same error message either way.  I have verified that the sales account is coming from the customer and I can change the account on the customer card to the account I want to use and it defaults just fine but if I pass in the sales account index for that same account to the taSopLineIvcInsert eConnect stored procedure I get the 908 error code returned.  If I remove all references to the @I_vSLSINDX eConnect variable it works just fine and defaults the sales account from the customer card.  I even validate the SLSINDX in the SOP10200 table when I create an invoice through the GP UI and it is the same index that I am passing in so I don't think it has anything to do with the account index being used.

 Here is the SQL stored procedure I created and the code to call the stored procedure.

/****** Object:  StoredProcedure [dbo].[zCreateSubscriptionInvoiceLine]    Script Date: 4/24/2019 7:25:51 AM 

4/24/2019 Added Sales Index (@SLSINDX) to make sure the specific customer sales account number is used for distributions.

CREATE PROC [dbo].[zCreateSubscriptionInvoiceLine]
@SOPTYPE tinyint 
,@SopNumber varchar(21)
,@CUSTNMBR varchar (15)
,@DOCDATE datetime
,@ITEMNMBR varchar(30)
,@UNITPRCE numeric(19,5)
,@XTNDPRCE numeric(19,5)
,@QUANTITY numeric(19,5)
,@ITEMDESC varchar(100)
,@NONINVEN smallint
,@DOCID varchar(15) 
,@SLSINDX varchar(75)
,@ErrorState int out
,@ErrString varchar(255) out

       exec taSopLineIvcInsert @I_vSOPTYPE = @SOPTYPE
, @I_vSOPNUMBE = @SopNumber
, @O_iErrorState = @ErrorState out
, @oErrString = @ErrString out

declare @SOPTYPE tinyint = 3
declare @SopNumber varchar(21) = 'SBINV0000000071'
declare @CUSTNMBR varchar (15) = 'SYNNEX'
declare @DOCDATE datetime = '4/24/2019'
declare @ITEMNMBR varchar(30) = 'WGM37913'
declare @UNITPRCE numeric(19,5) = 51.40000
declare @XTNDPRCE numeric(19,5) = 51.40000
declare @QUANTITY numeric(19,5) = 1.00000
declare @ITEMDESC varchar(100) = 'SB000015182 - 4/15/2019 - 5/14/2019 - 1'
declare @NONINVEN smallint = 0
declare @LNITMSEQ int = 16384
declare @DOCID varchar(15) = 'SBINV'
declare @SLSINDX varchar(75) = '11205'
declare @ErrorState int 
declare @ErrString varchar(255) 

exec zCreateSubscriptionInvoiceLine @SOPTYPE
,@ErrorState out
,@ErrString out
select @ErrorState


Version: GP 2015
Section: eConnect

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