RamzyEbeid 12/23/2008 2:22:53 AM

"Next Number" Setup and “Receivables transaction entry” and “Receivables Case Entry” screens Problems

Dear All

I am facing a problem with “Receivables transaction entry” and “Receivables Case Entry” screens

If a user creates, a document and then he/she save this document.

Then the user reopen the “Receivables transaction entry” screen and open the document, then in the field CASH he/she set the value to Zero.

Then the “Cash Receipt Number” in the “Receivables Case Entry” screen is taken to be the “Next Number” in the “Receivables Management Setup” screen.

Which is very wrong because this number may be added by the user for example:

1.       3000

2.       80

3.       Etc…

Mean while the default number is PYMNT000000000000001 and incremented for every documents.

How can I solve this issue and how can I know the tables used for this issue.

Please I need help.

Thank you,


Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP

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