RamzyEbeid 10/13/2008 12:55:24 PM

E-Connect Updating invoice while it is opened from Screen ERROR

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Dear ALL
I am using E-Connect, VS2005, C#I am working on Sales Transaction Entry screenThe bussinees I want to do is the following:The user will add the header part and then I want to add in the detail part many items using Econnect.
this above idea succeded when the user add the header and then save and the invoice.
But if I want to save the detail items using econnect while the invoice is opened(i mean Update)I have this error: 
Sql procedure error codes returned:Error Number = 2079 
Stored Procedure taSopLineIvcInsert 
Error Description = Document is currently being edited by another user
Node Identifier Parameters: taSopLineIvcInsert                                
Related Error Code Parameters for Node : taSopLineIvcInsert                                
UpdateIfExists = 1

please advise me what to do.
thank you


Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: eConnect

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