Thruway 6/29/2018 11:28:09 AM

eConnect - Get Purchase Order with Purchase Address Information


I am developing a custom web-based integration for Dynamics GP 2010 using .NET/MVC/C# and had a particular question about eConnect. I am creating an eConnectOut object like so...

eConnectOut = new eConnectOut
    DOCTYPE = "Purchase_Order_Transaction",
    INDEX1FROM = purchaseOrderId,
    INDEX1TO = purchaseOrderId,
    FORLIST = 1

Then using the 'eConnectMethods.GetEntity()' method to retrieve the 'Purchase_Order_Transaction' XML Document. I am then deserializing the retrieved XML into a 'taPoHdr' C# model via reflection. That is all working fine but I have noticed that the 'Purchase_Order_Transaction' XML Document that is returned does not completely matchup with the `taPoHdr` model.

My question is this:  the 'taPoHdr' object has properties for the Purchase Address information ('PURCHCITY', 'PURCHSTATE', etc.) that the 'Purchase_Order_Transaction' XML Document does not. Is there another 'DOCTYPE' I can use with the 'eConnectOut' object that will include the Purchase Address information?


Version: GP 2010
Section: .NET Development, eConnect

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