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Ranger 10/25/2017 5:48:53 PM

opinion needed - view to help with queries

hi all,

so I have been diving into some of these stored procs and reports.  the thing that always gets me is that we have to constantly union join in history and working tables to get results that we expect.   we all know this is a throwback to Great Pains of old, where 8 character table names and 8 character field names were common in those days....who didn't love DOS?  but i'm sure memory constraints and all that made this necessary.

so what if I was to create a query that combined the history and working into a view or stored proc, and then just joining to that for reporting purposes?  is this something that would help clean up all those joins? 



Version: All
Section: Crystal Reports, Dynamics GP, Management Reporter, Microsoft Access, Report Writer, SQL Scripts, SSRS

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