Thruway2 8/10/2017 4:06:35 PM

Dynamics GP Web Services - Remove Vendor.ClassKey

Does anyone know the correct way to update a Vendor's class via GP Web Services?

Sometimes, we need to remove the Class from a Vendor. This process works perfectly in GP (just remove the class from the input field and save the changes), however we need this same functionality in a web application that's using Dynamics GP Web Services. Using eConnect is not preferable but could be an option if the given solution would work.

I have tried a few variations of things like...

  • vendor.ClassKey.Id = "";
  • vendor.ClassKey.Id = " ";
  • vendor.ClassKey.Id = "           ";
  • vendor.ClassKey.Id = null;
  • vendor.ClassKey = null;
  • vendor.ClassKey.Id = new VendorClassKey { Id = null };

I have also tried similar things with eConnect and that doesn't seem to work either. All of these attempts have resulted in the Vendor Class simply not being updated.

What am I doing wrong?

Version: GP 2010
Section: .NET Development, eConnect, Web Services

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