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Merlynl 2/21/2017 2:25:55 PM

Tremendous speed slowdown in manufacturing operations - pickdocs, issuances, completions, Bills modifications

We recently upgraded  our Dynamics GP 2010 environment  to   2015 R2.  SQL server from 2008 r2 to 2014 and server 0S  to windows 2012.

Ignoring  some datacenter issues with provisioning ,   sans and  AV  items,     we have noticed an extreme slowness  in all phases of the manufacturing operations .

Pickdocs are extremely slow to allocate and issue parts.   completions slowed down.  Bill of materials  additions, modifications   all are much slower.

Our pickdocs are extremely large due to the nature of  our production line/workcenters and products.

Several consultants  i've talked to indicated that   MS  in these 2013 and 2015 versions  did  "some code optimization" of the manufacturing procedures.

Also those consultants indicated that lots of manufacturing customers were experiencing slower functional operational steps in 2015 than 2010.

I'd like to get some weigh in  on this   from users  who do and  some who havent experienced the  speed issues . 







Version: GP 2015, GP 2013, GP 2010
Section: Dexterity, Dynamics GP

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