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jpenn44 7/11/2007 11:33:12 AM

Deleting an SOP Line

We are using a 2005 to try and initiate a call to delete a Line Item.  We have the code functioning to insert just fine.

 Currently we are using the following to try and delete:

 Dim SalesOrder As New SOPTransactionType
 Dim SalesLine As New taSopLineDelete
 With SalesLine
      .SOPTYPE = 2
      .SOPNUMBE = CommitedQuoteSONumber
      .ITEMNMBR = QIOrderItemManufacturingCode
      .DeleteType = 1
End With
SalesOrder.taSopLineDelete = SalesLine
ReDim Preserve eConnect.SOPTransactionType(0)
eConnect.SOPTransactionType(0) = SalesOrder

 We are getting the error saying taSOPLineDelete is not a member of |SOP transaction type.

If anyone can shed any light on something that is probably brutally obvious, it would be much appreciated.

Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: eConnect

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