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NaomiP 7/2/2007 8:59:00 AM

Updating taxes in Dynamics GP

Here is a thread that I just completed with Microsoft on updating taxes. The don't give the perfect answer (which would be 'just push this button and the code will write itself for you') but it's something.

If anyone has any similar threads with Microsoft on any coding issue, please send them to me and I'll post them.

6/29/2007 12:26:00 PM PDT --
Not sure if this is a VS Tools, eConnect, or Web Services question...

I need to update the taxes on a SOP Invoice after a change to the invoice. I see the SP [taSopTaxEngine], do you support it's use? and if so, can you point me to documentation on the parameters?

Most seem easy enough, but when I got to 'slamdunk' I had to quit.

If not, is there a supported way from within VS Tools to call the tax engine for an order?

6/29/2007 1:05:00 PM PDT -- Scott Stephenson

Thanks for your question. As I understand it, you have a need to re-calculate taxes on a particular SOP invoice after it has been changed via some custom code. You are looking for ways to accomplish this and are curious if taSopTaxEngine can be used, or if there is another method.

When the eConnect stored procedures are installed, this is one of them that is installed. The stored procedure was written to be called "internally" by the eConnect (and Web Services) APIs when new SOP documents are created via the Web Service or eConnect calls. So, it exists in the database, but no externally published API is available for this. Generally, if you use the eConnect APIs to update the Invoice, it would recalculate the taxes based on the nodes you pass to the header.

In terms of calling this outside of that scope, there is no documentation on the parameters. You could do sp_help on it, but that is as much documentation as is available. So, this is basically on your own.

In terms of Visual Studio Tools, it does have the ability to call Dexterity based procedures/functions that don't require the use of table buffers. The standard tax engine that we use in the GP client is Dexterity based and is named TX_Calculate_Taxes_EX. This procedure will re-caculate the taxes and create the appropriate tax records and distributions in SOP, if calling for a SOP document.

We do not have any specific Visual Studio Tools samples of calling this procedure, but you would want to look at the Procedures collection in the dictionary class for Dynamics. If it is helpful, there is a Dexterity sample application that shows some information about how to pass in parameters that can be found in our Great Plains Integration Samples for 9.0. It is found on this page:

Plan - Review the information provided and decide the appropriate path for your solution. Either attempt to use the eConnect API to update the invoice and have it trigger the tax calculation, or attempt to call the txSopTaxEngine with no documentation, or attempt a VSTools call to the TX_Calculate_Taxes_EX using the Procedures collection on the Dynamics dictionary class. Let me know if you have further questions.

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Section: Dynamics GP
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