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Xenitel 9/22/2014 12:05:55 PM

Cannot create bin if multibin is not enabled.

The error message I'm getting is very similar--but not quite identical--to the error message 9289 "Cannot create Bin (CreateBin = 1) if multi bins are not enabled" listed in the KB section.  Not seeing any existing KB article associated with that message, though.

Working in VS2012, I'm pushing Sales Invoice objects through the GP Web Service into Dynamics GP 2013, using the CreateSalesInvoice() web service method.  This was working, until I over-rode the automatic Lot Allocation Behavior in the Create Sales Invoice Policy (switched to Manual; now I'm building and adding a SalesLineLot array to each SalesInvoiceLine item).

Now, I'm getting this "Cannot create bin if multibin is not enabled." validation exception.  Multibin is not enabled in GP -- we don't want it enabled.  We don't want bins created in GP.  In my code, I am not creating/adding any bin objects or settings.  And since I started getting the exception, one by one I have over-ridden / turned off every Bin-related behavior in the Create Sales Invoice Policy object (both programmatically and in the GP DynamicsSecurityConsole's Policy node).

Thoughts or suggestions, anyone?



Version: GP 2013
Section: .NET Development, Dynamics GP, Web Services

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