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Ranger 2/19/2013 5:23:22 PM



my timesheet import routine seems to be working pretty good (importing infopath timesheet to GP via workflow).  However, i have a question regarding the sys00500 table.   it apparently holds batch info, but the info in this table doesn't reflect the last batch that is valid.  i am writing and re-writing the working tables for PA timesheets for each timesheet that goes through.  so, at the end of the week, when the payroll guy imports say 5 timesheets for batch "DIVER WK 1", the batch totals are off, and subsequently, the batch wont clear automatically ( i assume this is because the totals dont match).

during the import, on each itteration, i clear the working tables pa10000 and pa10001 for the employid i am currently processing, so i can re-construct the timesheet for the employee as a whole eConnect document.....but it doesn't clear the batch table.  so, the field numoftrx will have "75" when the real count for this batch is like "12" and the bchtotal field is 200k when it should be like 12k.

so is there a way to make this reflect the batch actually being submitted, rather than an aggregate of all the other batches sent and erased during processing?

Version: GP 2010
Section: .NET Development, Dynamics GP, eConnect

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