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Ranger 2/8/2013 12:22:15 PM

bug in econnect - CreateEntityTransaction

hi guys.

so i am making this timesheet import thing.  i have written and re-written this thing a few times now.

my code works....i can import 2/1, then 2/2, then 2/3......but......

for any given employee, i have to destroy the existing timesheet in the GP database, so i can re-issue the complete document via eConnect.  So, at day 4 for a shop timeticket, one employee will have 4 detail lines.   so at day 4, i pull the existing records from GP (pa10000 and pa10001) into a local dataset.  then i pull the next timesheet and add another detail record to that dataset.  then i serialize the dataset into the econnect document type for a pa timesheet.

once i issue the command "CreateTransactionEntity(oeConnectType)", everything looks like it works.   when i go to the database and look at what has been created, ALL of those detail lines have the most current in other words, it forced that last date into ALL detail lines in the PADT field.....this is not good.

now, for this employee's timesheet, i have 4 entries in the PA10001 table all saying they were hours for the same date.

what the hell????????

Version: GP 2010
Section: .NET Development, Dynamics GP

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