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TimSimkins 2/6/2013 11:38:53 AM

Importing Data in SQL Server 2008 to create RMA's without using the GP Interface

I'm trying to import mutiple rows of data from a table I created with the data I have in order to create RMA's, I'm trying to create RMA's through inserting the data in the SVC Tables, not using GP Interface.  I thought I have figured out all the tables that need data to be imported into which are SVC05000, SVC05020, SVC05030, SVC05255, SVC00300, SVC00310. I also thought SVC05200 was a table that data needed to be imported, but viewing the data thats created by GP Interface when creating an RMA it doesnt create a row for it, So I don't know. So basically I need to know all the tables that I need to import data into or update certain fields in tables to make an RMA look similiar to one being created in the RMA Interface? Also when I go back into the Interface and click on new RMA, it doesnt start with the next one after the last RMA number in GP, It will start with the next RMA Number after the last RMA created in the Interface?

I know SQL pretty good, In my script I created a cursor, and created queries to create the RMA numbers and all other fields that are consective numbers on the last RMA number in the fields I search for.


Version: GP 2010
Section: SQL Scripts

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