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scotsun 2/1/2013 4:45:52 PM

eConnect Sales Order Upload

Good afternoon...

I am using with eConnect to GP and am trying to upload sales orders. I had it all working fine until I needed to upload taxes on an order. I would prefer to do this at the header level but I read somewhere that you cannot upload a fixed tax amount in the header without forcing it to calculate the tax on gp.

so I have tried adding into my code...

                    Dim taxLineItems(1) As taSopLineIvcTaxInsert_ItemsTaSopLineIvcTaxInsert

                   Dim taxsalesLine As New taSopLineIvcTaxInsert_ItemsTaSopLineIvcTaxInsert
                    With taxsalesLine
                        .SOPTYPE = 2
                        .LNITMSEQ = salesOrderx.taSopLineIvcInsert_Items(0).LNITMSEQ
                        .CUSTNMBR = gpcustid
                        .TAXDTLID = "Other"
                        .TDTTXSLS = (useprice * (orderqty * orderqtymultiplier))
                        .TDTTXSLSSpecified = True
                        .TXDTOTTX = (useprice * (orderqty * orderqtymultiplier)) + taxtotal
                        .TXDTOTTXSpecified = True
                        .TAXTYPE = 0
                        .STAXAMNT = taxtotal
                        .SALESAMT = (useprice * (orderqty * orderqtymultiplier))
                    End With
                    taxLineItems(0) = taxsalesLine
                    ReDim Preserve salesOrderx.taSopLineIvcTaxInsert_Items(1)
                    salesOrderx.taSopLineIvcTaxInsert_Items = taxLineItems

but that throws the error...

Procedure or function 'taSopLineIvcTaxInsert' expects parameter '@I_vSOPTYPE', which was not supplied.

If I can do without the line item tax, that would be preferable...

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Version: GP 2010
Section: .NET Development, Dynamics GP, eConnect

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