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joealt 8/9/2012 9:56:18 AM

Dexterity.GPConnection SQL Connection from GP Credentials

am attempting to make a connection to a Dynamics GP SQL Server Database using the currently logged in credentials from GP. (for context

Using the code provided from the documentation of GPConnNet.dll I should be able to get a connection but have been unable to do so for non-sa users, sa and dynsa work fine. I am receiving a login failed sql server error. I've tried both overloads of the Connect method, using the SqlConnection and an OdbcConnection.

SqlConnectionStringBuilder cb = new SqlConnectionStringBuilder(connectionString);
SqlConnection sqlConn = new SqlConnection();
if (sqlConn.State != ConnectionState.Open)
var gpconn = new GPConnection();
.Init(<Key1>, <Key2>);
.ConnectionString = string.Format("database={0}", cb.InitialCatalog);
.LoginCompatibilityMode = false;
.Connect(sqlConn, cb.DataSource, cb.UserID, cb.Password);
if (gpconn.ReturnCode != 1)
throw new AuthenticationException("Could not authenticate with the GP credentials.");
catch (System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException)
throw new AuthenticationException("Could not authenticate with the GP credentials.");

The information in the connection string is coming from the Microsoft Dexterity toolkit.

public class GPUser
public readonly static string DataBase = Dynamics.Globals.IntercompanyId.Value;
public readonly static string UserID = Dynamics.Globals.UserName.Value;
public readonly static string Password = Dynamics.Globals.SqlPassword.Value;
public readonly static string DataSource = Dynamics.Globals.SqlDataSourceName.Value;
public readonly static string ApplicationName = string.Format("{0}{1}", App.ProductName, "(gp)");
public static string Server
//Returns the Server from the ODBC DSN
public static SqlConnectionStringBuilder ConnectionString
return new SqlConnectionStringBuilder
DataSource = Server,
UserID = UserID,
Password = Password,
ApplicationName = ApplicationName,
InitialCatalog = DataBase


Is there something security related that is required on the user? Is there something in the GPConnection code that I'm missing?


Version: GP 2010
Section: .NET Development, Dexterity, Dynamics GP, Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP

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