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Harini 2/8/2011 11:22:32 AM

Inactivate Direct Deposit in PayRoll

I recently developed an eConnect solution for Employee Maintenance. Everything is working well, except when an Employee is terminated, the Direct Deposit is not getting inactivated. I did not write anything specific to accomplish that. I assumed that eConnect somehow would handle it, behind the scenes.[:)]

The eConnect Schemas that I used for my purpose for Employee Termination are below:

UPR Create Employee schema
UPR Create Employee Benefit schema
UPR Create Employee Deduction schema
UPR Create Employee Pay Code schema
UPR Create Employee Local Tax schema
UPR Create Employee State Tax schema

I researched some and was unable to find to date any schema (eConnect nodes) etc to pass that information to inactivate Direct Deposit for an Employee. Am I missing something here?

 Please help. Any guidance would be appreciated.



Version: GP 9
Section: eConnect

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