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eConnect Errors Each eConnect node has specific errors that are associated with it
Param NameData TypeReqParamDescParam Mode
PAertrxtypesmallintYes PA Empl Expense Trx Type 1=Standard 2=Referenced IN
PAerdocnumberchar(17)Yes PA Empl Expense Document No. IN
PADOCDTdatetimeYes PA Document Date IN
BACHNUMBchar(15)Yes Batch Number IN
EMPLOYIDchar(15)Yes Employee ID IN
PAVENADDRESSIDchar(15)Yes PA Vendor Address ID IN
PAStartDatedatetimeYes PA Start Date IN
PAEnDatedatetimeYes PA End Date IN
CURNCYIDchar(15)Yes Currency ID IN
USERIDchar(15)No User ID IN
PAREFNOchar(17)No PA Reference Document No. IN
SHIPMTHDchar(15)No Shipping Method IN
PAUD1char(21)No PA User Defined 1 IN
PAUD2char(21)No PA User Defined 2 IN
PAreptsuffchar(5)No PA Reporting Suffix IN
PACOMMchar(51)No PA Comment IN
PATQTYnumeric(19,5)No PA Total Quantity IN
PAREIMBURSTAXAMTnumeric(19,5)No PA Reimbursable Tax Amount IN
BKTPURAMnumeric(19,5)No Backout Purchases Amount IN
PATACRVnumeric(19,5)No PA Total Accrued Revenues IN
TRDISAMTnumeric(19,5)No Trade Discount Amount IN
PAFreight_Taxable_PsmallintNo PA Freight Taxable - Purchase IN
FRTSCHIDchar(15)No Freight Schedule ID IN
FRTAMNTnumeric(19,5)No Freight Amount IN
FRTTXAMTnumeric(19,5)No Freight Tax Amount IN
PAMisc_Taxable_PsmallintNo PA Misc Taxable - Purchase IN
MSCSCHIDchar(15)No Misc Schedule ID IN
MSCCHAMTnumeric(19,5)No Misc Charges Amount IN
MSCTXAMTnumeric(19,5)No Misc Tax Amount IN
DOCAMNTnumeric(19,5)No Document Amount IN
TEN99AMNTnumeric(19,5)No 1099 Amount IN
UN1099AMnumeric(19,5)No Unapplied 1099 Amount IN
CASHAMNTnumeric(19,5)No Cash Amount IN
CAMCBKIDchar(15)No Cash Amount Checkbook ID IN
CDOCNMBRchar(21)No Cash Document Number IN
CAMTDATEdatetimeNo Cash Amount Date IN
CAMPMTNMchar(21)No Cash Amount Payment Number IN
CHRGAMNTnumeric(19,5)No Charge Amount IN
CHEKAMNTnumeric(19,5)No Check Amount IN
CHEKNMBRchar(21)No Check Number IN
CHEKDATEdatetimeNo Check Date IN
CAMPYNBRchar(21)No Check Amount Payment Number IN
CHAMCBIDchar(15)No Check Amount Checkbook ID IN
CARDNAMEchar(15)No Card Name IN
CRCRDAMTnumeric(19,5)No Credit Card Amount IN
CRCARDDTdatetimeNo Credit Card Date IN
CCAMPYNMchar(21)No Credit Card Payment Number IN
CCRCTNUMchar(21)No Credit Card Receipt Number IN
TAXSCHIDchar(15)No Tax Schedule ID IN
TAXAMNTnumeric(19,5)No Tax Amount IN
BCKTXAMTnumeric(19,5)No Backout Tax Amount IN
PAReimbursableAmountnumeric(19,5)No PA Reimbursable Amount IN
PAPDdatetimeNo PA Post Date IN
PApostoDynPMtinyintNo PA Post To Dyn Payables Mgmt(boolean) IN
Tax_DatedatetimeNo Tax Date IN
TaxInvRecvdtinyintNo Tax Invoice Received (boolean) IN
TaxInvReqdtinyintYes Tax Invoice Required (boolean) IN
XCHGRATEnumeric(19,5)No Exchange Rate IN
RATETPIDchar(15)No Rate Type ID IN
EXPNDATEdatetimeNo Expiration Date IN
EXCHDATEdatetimeNo Exchange Date IN
EXGTBDSCchar(30)No Exchange ID Desc. IN
EXTBLSRCchar(50)No Exchange Rate Source IN
RATEEXPRsmallintNo Rate Expiration IN
DYSTINCRsmallintNo Days to Increment - only used when RATEEXPR = 8 IN
RATEVARCnumeric(19,5)No Rate Variance IN
TRXDTDEFsmallintNo Trx Date Default IN
RTCLCMTDsmallintNo Rate Calc. Method IN
PRVDSLMTsmallintNo Previous Days Limits IN
DATELMTSsmallintNo Date Limits IN
TIME1datetimeNo Time 1 IN
PDK_EE_Nochar(31)No PDK Employee Expense Number IN
RequesterTrxsmallintNo Requester Transaction - 0=false,1=true - if true than Requester shadow table IN
USRDEFND1char(50)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND2char(50)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND3char(50)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND4varchar(8000)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND5varchar(8000)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
ErrorStateintNo Error Code INOUT
oErrStringvarchar(255)No Comma separated list of errors encountered INOUT

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