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eConnect Errors Each eConnect node has specific errors that are associated with it
Param NameData TypeReqParamDescParam Mode
PACHGORDNOchar(17)No PA Change Order Number IN
PACONTNUMBERchar(11)No PA Contract Number IN
PADOCDTchar(11)No PA Change Order Date IN
PAGBTRKCHGsmallintNo Track Changes to 1=Baseline 2=Forecast IN
PACODESCchar(15)No PA Change Order Description IN
PACOCUSTNOchar(21)No PA Change Order Customer Number IN
PACOTYPEsmallintNo PA Change Order Type 1=Internal 2=Company 3=Customer IN
PACOSTATUSsmallintNo PA Change Order Status 1=Pending 2=Unapproved 3=Approved IN
REQSTDBYchar(21)No Requested By IN
PAESTBYchar(21)No Estimated By IN
PAREVBYchar(15)No Revised by IN
PAREVPOSITIONchar(31)No Revised by postition IN
PAREVREASONchar(31)No Revised reason IN
PAAPPROVBYchar(15)No Approved By IN
DSCRIPTNchar(31)No Approved By description IN
APPRVLDTdatetimeNo Approval Date IN
RequesterTrxsmallintNo Requester Transaction - 0=false,1=true - if true than populates Requester shadow table IN
USRDEFND1char(50)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND2char(50)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND3char(50)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND4varchar(8000)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND5varchar(8000)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
ErrorStateintNo Error Code INOUT
oErrStringvarchar(255)No Comma separated list of errors encountered INOUT
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