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eConnect Errors Each eConnect node has specific errors that are associated with it
Param NameData TypeReqParamDescParam Mode
RTV_Numberchar(15)No RTV Number IN
RTV_Linenumeric(19,5)No Line Sequence Number IN
RTV_Typechar(11)No Return Type IN
VRMA_Document_IDchar(15)No Vendor's RMA Document Number, if any IN
RETDOCIDchar(15)No RMA Number of the customer, if created from RMA IN
LNSEQNBRnumeric(19,5)No Line Sequence Number of the RMA Document IN
SVC_Process_SEQ_Numbernumeric(19,5)No Line Process Sequence Number of RMA IN
DSCRIPTNchar(31)No RTV Description IN
REFRENCEchar(31)No Reference information IN
Reference2char(31)No Reference information IN
ITEMNMBRchar(31)No Item Number being shipped IN
ITEMDESCchar(101)No Item Description IN
QUANTITYnumeric(19,5)No Quantity of item returned IN
UOFMchar(9)No Unit of Measure IN
VENDORIDchar(15)No Vendor ID IN
ADRSCODEchar(15)No Address Code of the Vendor's Ship To Address IN
Ship_Address_Namechar(65)No Name of contact person of vendor to ship to IN
Ship_Address_1char(61)No Address line 1 of vendor's address IN
Ship_Address_2char(61)No Address line 2 IN
Ship_Address_3char(61)No Address line 3 IN
Ship_Citychar(35)No City Name IN
Ship_Statechar(29)No State Name IN
ZIPCODEchar(11)No Zip Code IN
Ship_Countrychar(61)No Country Name IN
VNDITNUMchar(31)No Vendor's Item Number IN
Return_Item_Numberchar(31)No Item Number of the item being returned by vendor IN
OFFIDchar(11)No Office ID IN
LOCCODEBchar(11)No Location Code of the item from where it's shipped IN
LOCNCODEchar(11)No Location Code of the item being returned to IN
ENTDTEdatetimeNo Entered Date IN
ENTTMEdatetimeNo Entered Time IN
PRMDATEdatetimeNo Promised/ETA Date IN
Promised_TimedatetimeNo Promised/ETA Time IN
Shipped_DatedatetimeNo Shipped Date IN
Shipped_TimedatetimeNo Shipped Time IN
ReceiptdatedatetimeNo Received Date IN
Receipt_TimedatetimeNo Received Time IN
COMPDTEdatetimeNo Completed Date IN
COMPTMEdatetimeNo Completed Time IN
Bill_of_Lading_Outchar(31)No Bill of Lading number for shipment to vendor IN
Shipping_Method_Outchar(15)No Shipping Method for shipment IN
Bill_of_Ladingchar(31)No Bill of Lading number for shipment to vendor IN
SHIPMTHDchar(15)No Shipping Method for receiving IN
Tracking_Numberchar(41)No Tracking number for receiving IN
NOTETXTnvarchar(2000)No Notes IN
CUSTOWNtinyintNo Flag to indicate if item was customer owned. 0=No, 1=Yes IN
USERDEF1char(21)No Additional Information, line 1 IN
USERDEF2char(21)No Additional Information, line 2 IN
USRDEF03char(21)No Additional Information, line 3 IN
USRDEF04char(21)No Additional Information, line 4 IN
USRDEF05char(21)No Additional Information, line 5 IN
Part_Pricenumeric(19,5)No Unit Price of item being shipped IN
Part_Costnumeric(19,5)No Unit Cost of item being shipped IN
Labor_Pricenumeric(19,5)No Labor charges to be charged, if any IN
Labor_Costnumeric(19,5)No Labor cost, if any IN
Expense_Pricenumeric(19,5)No Addl. Expense charges, if any IN
Expense_Costnumeric(19,5)No Addl. Expense cost, if any IN
Travel_Pricenumeric(19,5)No Travel charges, if any IN
Travel_Costnumeric(19,5)No Travel Expense cost, if any IN
CURNCYIDchar(15)No Currency ID used in return IN
UpdateIfExiststinyintNo Flag to allow customer data to be updated if it exists. 0=no, 1=yes IN
RequesterTrxsmallintNo Requester Trx - 0=false,1=true - if true than populates Requester shadow table IN
USRDEFND1char(50)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND2char(50)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND3char(50)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND4varchar(8000)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND5varchar(8000)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
ErrorStateintNo Error Code INOUT
oErrStringvarchar(255)No List of errors encountered INOUT

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