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eConnect Errors Each eConnect node has specific errors that are associated with it
Param NameData TypeReqParamDescParam Mode
EMPLOYIDchar(15)Yes Employee ID - IN
FDFLGSTSchar(6)No Federal Filing Status - - MAR=Married, SINGLE=Single, BLANK=exempt IN
FEDEXMPTsmallintNo Number of exemptions claimed - IN
ADFDWHDGnumeric(19,5)No Additional Federal Withholding - IN
ESTFEDWHnumeric(19,5)No Estimated Federal Withholding - IN
STATECDchar(2)No State Code - IN
LOCALTAXchar(6)No Local Tax Code - IN
W2BF942EtinyintNo W2 Box for 942 Employee - - 0=False&1=True IN
W2BFDCSDtinyintNo W2 Box for Deceased - - 0=False&1=True IN
W2BFDCMPtinyintNo W2 Box for Deferred Compensation - - 0=False&1=True IN
W2BFLREPtinyintNo W2 Box for Legal Representative - - 0=False&1=True IN
W2BFPPLNtinyintNo W2 Box for Pension Plan - - 0=False&1=True IN
W2BFSTEMtinyintNo W2 Box for Statutory Employee - - 0=False&1=True IN
MCRQGEMPtinyintNo Medicare Qualified Government Employee - IN
EICFLGSTchar(6)No EIC Filing Status - IN
NYTXDifftinyintNo Withhold NY Tax Difference - IN
UpdateIfExiststinyintNo Flag to allow customer data to be updated if it exists. 0=no, 1=yes IN
RequesterTrxsmallintNo Requester Transaction - 0=false,1=true - if true than populates Requester shadow table IN
USRDEFND1char(50)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND2char(50)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND3char(50)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND4varchar(8000)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND5varchar(8000)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
ErrorStateintNo Return value: 0=No Errors, 1=Error Occurred INOUT
oErrStringvarchar(255)No Return Error Code List INOUT

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