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Errors for the taRMSchedPmnts Stored Procedure

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eConnect Schema Reference for taRMSchedPmnts
3006Pre Custom Business Logic in taRMSchedPmntsPre returned an error value  Edit
3007A null was found in at least one input parameter for RM Scheduled Payment  Edit
3008Unable to obtain the next note index Answers exist! Join NowEdit
3009CUSTNMBR cannot be INACTIVE  Edit
3010CUSTNMBR has to be balance type open item  Edit
3011SCHEDULE_INT_TYPE1 is invalid - 0=compound and 1=simple  Edit
3012SCHEDULE_INT_RATE cannot be < 0 or > 99.9999  Edit
3013SCHEDULE_NUMBER has too many characters - the max length is 20  Edit
3014Unable to obtain the next SCHEDULE_NUMBER  Edit
3015SCHEDULE_NUMBER already exists  Edit
3016ORIG_DOC_NUMBER is empty  Edit
3017ORIG_DOC_NUMBER / ORIG_DOC_TYPE combination does not exist  Edit
3018ORIG_DOC_NUMBER does not have a current transaction amount  Edit
3019ORIG_DOC_NUMBER does not have a valid RM type (1, 3, or 5)  Edit
3020REC_OFFSET_ACCT_IDX does not exist for Account Number String  Edit
3021REC_OFFSET_ACCT_IDX does not exist for Account Index  Edit
3022RecOffsetAccount or REC_OFFSET_ACCT_IDX is required  Edit
3023CURNCYID is not assigned to REC_OFFSET_ACCT_IDX  Edit
3024REC_OFFSET_ACCT_IDX is inactive  Edit
3025REC_OFFSET_ACCT_IDX has incorrect account type  Edit
3026INT_INCOME_ACCT_IDX does not exist for Account Number String  Edit
3027INT_INCOME_ACCT_IDX does not exist for Account Index  Edit
3028INT_INCOME_ACCT_IDX is required when interest rate entered  Edit
3029CURNCYID is not assigned to INT_INCOME_ACCT_IDX  Edit
3030INT_INCOME_ACCT_IDX is inactive  Edit
3031INT_INCOME_ACCT_IDX has incorrect account type  Edit
3032PYMNT_FREQUENCY is invalid (1 thru 5 are valid values)  Edit
3033FIRST_INV_DOC_DATE is required for semi-monthly payments  Edit
3034FIRST_INV_DOC_DATE is empty  Edit
3035FIRST_INV_DOC_DATE cannot be < the original doc date  Edit
3036FIRST_INV_DOC_DATE has to use the 1st or 15th as the day  Edit
3037FIRST_INV_DUE_DATE cannot be < the first invoice doc date  Edit
3038FIRST_INV_DUE_DATE has to use the 1st or 15th as the day  Edit
3039NUM_PAYMENTS cannot be less than 0 or greater than 999  Edit
3040NUM_PAYMENTS and PAYMENT_AMOUNT cannot both be empty  Edit
3041PAYMENT_AMOUNT cannot be negative  Edit
3042SCH_DOC_DATE is empty  Edit
3043SCHEDULE_AMOUNT is empty  Edit
3044SCHEDULE_AMOUNT cannot be > than original document amount  Edit
3045REC_ACCT_IDX does not exist for Account Number String  Edit
3046REC_ACCT_IDX does not exist for Account Index  Edit
3047CURNCYID is not assigned to REC_ACCT_IDX  Edit
3048REC_ACCT_IDX is inactive  Edit
3049REC_ACCT_IDX has incorrect account type  Edit
3050REC_ACCT_IDX is empty  Edit
3051SQL error occurred inserting into the RM Keys Table - RM00401  Edit
3052SQL error occurred inserting into the RM20400 Table  Edit
3053SQL error occurred inserting into the RM20401 Table  Edit
3055Post Custom Business Logic in taRMSchedPmntsPost returned an error value  Edit
3405PAYMENT_AMOUNT cannot be > original doc amount  Edit
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