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Errors for the taRMApply Stored Procedure

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eConnect Schema Reference for taRMApply
163Unable to update amount remaining on the invoice in the RM20101 table  Edit
164Unable to update amount remaining on the invoice  Edit
165Apply To and Apply From documents are not for the same customer or national account  Edit
184Invalid Apply From Document Type (APFRDCTY) - (Valid: 7=Credit Memo, 8=Return, 9=Payment)  Edit
207Unable to update Customer Summary (RM00103)  Edit
211Unable to update Customer Summary (RM00103)  Edit
562A null was found in at least one input parameter for the taApply insert  Edit
563Invoice number - APTODCNM - is blank  Edit
564Apply From Document number (APFRDCNM) is blank  Edit
565Apply amount (APPTOAMT) is negative  Edit
568Apply To Document (APTODCNM) does not exist in the RM Open Table - RM20101  Edit
569Apply From Document (APFRDCNM) is missing  Edit
570Amount to apply (APPTOAMT) is larger than the invoice amount  Edit
574Apply Amount (APPTOAMT) + Discount Taken Amount (DISTKNAM) + Write Off (WROFAMNT) is > then the amount remaining on the invoice  Edit
664Apply To Amount (APPTOAMT) is > than the amount remaining on the payment/return  Edit
668Unable to update amount remaining on the payment/return  Edit
669Unable to update amount remaining on the payment/return  Edit
670Payment/Return is already applied to the invoice Answers exist! Join NowEdit
676Apply Amount + Discount Taken + Writeoff Amount is > the current transaction amount  Edit
677SQL error inserting the Apply record into the RM20201 table  Edit
1644Unable to remove Dex Lock for the SOP Document  Edit
1645Document is currently being edited by another user Answers exist! Join NowEdit
1660Invalid Apply To Document Type (APTODCTY) - (Valid: 1=Sales/Invoice, 3=Debit Memo, 4=Finance Charge, 5=Service/Repairs)  Edit
1798Pre Custom Business Logic in taRMApplyPre returned an error value  Edit
1799Post Custom Business Logic in the taRMApplyPost returned an error value  Edit
3386Document is currently being edited by another user Answers exist! Join NowEdit
4657Unable to update/create distributions Answers exist! Join NowEdit
4658Unable to get transaction source  Edit
4694Apply To or Apply From document are different currencies then functional Answers exist! Join NowEdit
4695Apply Amount + Discount Taken is greater than the current transaction amount  Edit
5467Unable to get next journal entry number  Edit
5468Unable to fetch next record for PostGL cursor  Edit
5470Could not create GL transaction line  Edit
5472Could not create GL transaction header  Edit
5473Unable to update temp table  Edit
5474Unable to update temp table  Edit
6611Unable to update Customer Fiscal Period Summary (RM00104)  Edit
6612Unable to update Customer Calendar Period Summary (RM00104)  Edit
8327SQL error occurred updating the RM Distribution Work Table - RM10101  Edit
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