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Errors for the taPopRcptMultiBin Stored Procedure

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eConnect Schema Reference for taPopRcptMultiBin
9313Custom Business Logic for taPopRcptMultiBinPre returned an error value  Edit
9314At least one input variable contains a null value  Edit
9315A required parameter is missing or empty  Edit
9316Multibin must be enabled to use this node.  Edit
9317Invalid input for RequesterTrx  Edit
9318The Item Number (ITEMNMBR) does not exist on the POP Receipt (POPRCTNM) passed in  Edit
9319The Receipt Line Number (RCPTLNNM) is required  Edit
9320The Receipt Line Number (RCPTLNNM) is is invalid  Edit
9321The Item Number (ITEMNMBR) must not track Lot / Serial Numbers Answers exist! Join NowEdit
9322You cannot receive kit items  Edit
9323The UOFM is not setup for the item  Edit
9324Bins for the item have already been assigned for the qty received on the line  Edit
9325Unable to find a POP Receipt Line  Edit
9326A POP Receipt Bin is not set up for this item or site Answers exist! Join NowEdit
9327Create Bin flag is invalid (CreateBin)  Edit
9328Bin does not exist - set CreateBin = 1 if you want to create it.  Edit
9329Unable to obtain the next note index Answers exist! Join NowEdit
9330Unable to create Bin in IV40701  Edit
9331eConnectOutVerify proc returned an error value  Edit
9332Unable to insert into POP10340  Edit
9333Custom Business Logic for taPopRcptMultiBinPost returned an error value  Edit
9334eConnectOutVerify proc returned an error value  Edit
9387Bin is required when creating the bin on the fly  Edit
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