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Errors for the taPopEnterMatchInvLine Stored Procedure

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eConnect Schema Reference for taPopEnterMatchInvLine
4813Item exists as a inventoried item, NONINVEN cannot be set to 1 Answers exist! Join NowEdit
4831Pre Custom Business Logic returned an error value  Edit
4832At least one input variable contains a null value  Edit
4833Input variable contains an empty value Answers exist! Join NowEdit
4834Unit Cost and Extended Cost must be set to 0 when using AUTOCOST option  Edit
4835Purchase order number does not exist  Edit
4836A parameter was passed with a negative value  Edit
4837Invalid Revalue_Inventory parameter, parameter must be 0 or 1  Edit
4838Invalid NONINVEN parameter, parameter must be 0 or 1  Edit
4839Invalid AUTOCOST parameter, parameter must be 0 or 1  Edit
4840Invalid Purchase_IV_Item_Taxable parameter, parameter must be 0,1 or 2  Edit
4841Invalid RequesterTrx parameter, parameter must be 0 or 1  Edit
4842Invalid AutoInvoice parameter, parameter must be 0 or 1  Edit
4843ShipRCPTLNNM parameter can not be used when not passing in the POPMtchShpRcpt  Edit
4844POLNENUM parameter can not be used when not passing in a PONUMBER  Edit
4845UNITCOST and/or EXTDCOST must be 0 when using AutoInvoice = 1. The AUTOCOST option is automatically used with AutoInvoice = 1  Edit
4846PONUMBER is required when AutoInvoice = 1  Edit
4847Invalid Purchase Item Tax Schedule  Edit
4848Invalid Purchase Site Tax Schedule  Edit
4849Either Item Number or Vendor Item Number is required  Edit
4850Item Number/Vendor Item number is not assigned to the Vendor  Edit
4851ShipRCPTLNNM is required if the Item Number, Vendor Number, and Shipment Receipt Number exist multiple times on the shipment  Edit
4852Shipment Line Item does not exist to match Invoice against Answers exist! Join NowEdit
4853Purchase Order has more then one Item Number, Vendor Number, and Vendor Item Number that are the same, POLNENUM is required  Edit
4854Purchase Order Line does not exist for the PONUMBER, ITEMNMBR, VENDORID, VNDITNUM, and POLNENUM  Edit
4855UOFM can not be changed when receiving an Inventoried or Non-Inventoried Item against a PO Answers exist! Join NowEdit
4856VENDORID does not match the Purchase Order Answers exist! Join NowEdit
4857CURNCYID does match the CURNCYID on the Purchase order  Edit
4858UOFM is not valid for the item  Edit
4859Decimal Places passed in on UNITCOST does not match setup  Edit
4860Decimal Places passed in on EXTDCOST does not match setup  Edit
4861Extended Cost must be 0 when Qty Invoiced is 0  Edit
4862Unit Cost calculation does not match out to Extended Cost  Edit
4863eConnectOutVerify proc returned an error value  Edit
4864Receipt Line Number already exists  Edit
4867Unable to update/create POP line record  Edit
4868Unable to update/create POP line quantity record  Edit
4869Error in taPopEnterMatchInvToShpMultiLine procedure  Edit
4870Post Custom Business Logic returned an error value  Edit
4871eConnectOutVerify proc returned an error value  Edit
5307The Purchase Order has been closed or canceled, you can not receive against it  Edit
5308The Purchase Order Line has been closed or canceled, you can not receive against it  Edit
5309There are no shipments to match against  Edit
5310Invalid LandedCost parameter, parameter must be 0 or 1  Edit
5311The Landed Cost does not exist for the VENDORID and Currency passed in  Edit
5312ITEMNMBR is required and used for the Landed Cost when using LandedCost = 1  Edit
5882Unable to update POP10100 totals  Edit
5885Invalid Currency, a Functional currency must be set up Answers exist! Join NowEdit
7018PO Number can not be used when invoicing a Landed Cost  Edit
7033The EXTDCOST for the Landed Cost can not be less than the Extended Cost of the matched Invoice  Edit
7039Item Number does not exist in Inventory and NONINVEN is set to 0. Make sure item exists or if Non-Inventoried, set NONINVEN = 1  Edit
7124Quantity has been fully invoiced for the shipment, if you wish to add this line, the POPMtchShpRcpt parameter must be empty  Edit
7125Purchase Receipt number already exists in work or history  Edit
8157The Vendor Item Number exists for multiple items, the ITEMNMBR will also need to be passed in  Edit
8295Item Number passed does not equal item number associated with vendor item on purchase order  Edit
9375The UOFM used does not exist for this item  Edit
9376A default Purchasing Unit of Measure is not setup for this item - UOFM is required  Edit
11486Project Accounting is not supported on Enter Match Transactions  Edit
11782Invalid TrackedDropShipped parameter, parameter must be 0 or 1  Edit
11783PO Type must be 2 or 4 (Drop Ship or Drop-Ship Blanket) when TrackedDropShipped = 1.  Edit
11784The Serial/Lot Quantity in the POP10330 does not match the Quantity Invoiced in the POP10500  Edit
11806This item is not being tracked by serial or lot numbers.  Edit
11972Purchase Invoice is not allowed when a Prepayment exists for the Purchase Order  Edit
11982TrackedDropShipped cannot be 0 when records exist in the POP10330 table for this line  Edit
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