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Errors for the taPopDistribution Stored Procedure

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eConnect Schema Reference for taPopDistribution
6640Pre Custom Business Logic returned an error value  Edit
7049Post Custom Business Logic returned an error value  Edit
7050eConnectOutVerify proc returned an error value  Edit
9160At least one input variable contains a null value  Edit
9161Input variable contains an empty value Answers exist! Join NowEdit
9162Invalid RequesterTrx parameter was passed in  Edit
9163Invalid POPTYPE  Edit
9164Invalid Distribution Type  Edit
9165Account does not exist for Account Number String  Edit
9166Account does not exist for Account Index  Edit
9167Both a debit and a credit amount are not allowed on one distribution  Edit
9168Debit and credit amounts must be > 0  Edit
9169A debit or credit amount must be included  Edit
9170Vendor does not exist Answers exist! Join NowEdit
9171Sequence Number already exists  Edit
9172eConnectOutVerify proc returned an error value  Edit
9173Unable to create POP Distributions  Edit
9174error processing MDA Insert  Edit
9566The Account Number you have supplied is not set up to allow account entry  Edit
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