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Errors for the taPMDistribution Stored Procedure

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eConnect Schema Reference for taPMDistribution
120SQL error occurred inserting into PM10100  Edit
547Input variable contains an empty value Answers exist! Join NowEdit
548At least one input variable in taPMDistribution contains a null value  Edit
549Pre Custom Business Logic in taPMDistributionPre returned an error value  Edit
550Post Custom Business Logic in taPMDistributionPost returned an error value  Edit
739Debit and credit amounts must be > 0  Edit
740A Debit or credit amount must be included  Edit
767SQL error occurred updating PM10100  Edit
768Account does not exist for Account Index  Edit
769The Account Number String passed does not exist in the GL00105 table  Edit
770Invalid Distribution Type  Edit
772Both a debit and a credit amount are not allowed on one distribution  Edit
773Vendor ID is empty  Edit
936Vendor number does not exist Answers exist! Join NowEdit
3497error processing MDA Insert  Edit
9001The Account passed is inactive in Account Maintenance and you can not pass an inactive account  Edit
9563The Account Number you have supplied is not set up to allow account entry  Edit
11991The Payment type is not correct Answers exist! Join NowEdit
11992Cash Amount CheckBook Id is Missing Answers exist! Join NowEdit
11993CheckBook Id Is Missing Answers exist! Join NowEdit
11994Credit Card Id Is Missing Answers exist! Join NowEdit
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