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Errors for the taIVTransactionHeaderInsert Stored Procedure

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eConnect Schema Reference for taIVTransactionHeaderInsert
271Pre Custom Business Logic returned an error value  Edit
272A null was found in at least one input parameter for IV Trx Header Insert  Edit
273The Batch Number (BACHNUMB) passed into IV Trx Header Insert is blank  Edit
274Input variable contains an invalid Inventory Document type (IVDOCTYP) - 1=Adjustment & 2=Variance  Edit
275The Document Number (IVDOCNBR) passed into IV Trx Header Insert is blank  Edit
276Input variable contains a duplicate document number (IVDOCNBR) in Inventory - IV10000 or IV30200  Edit
277Unable to obtain the next note index Answers exist! Join NowEdit
278Unable to update/create the batch number  Edit
279Unable to update/create Inventory Header record - IV10000 table  Edit
280Post Custom Business Logic returned an error value  Edit
573The Batch (BACHNUMB) is currently being posted  Edit
1618The Post to General Ledger (POSTTOGL) is invalid 0 = False & 1 = True  Edit
2916eConnectOutVerify proc returned an error value  Edit
2917eConnectOutVerify proc returned an error value  Edit
3700The requester trx value (RequesterTrx) is invalid - 0 = false & 1 = true are valid  Edit
5869Unable to create IV Transaction header note - SY03900  Edit
5952Multi bin is enabled and must be called prior to the header  Edit
7046A Functional currency must be set up in the Multicurrency Setup Table (MC40000)  Edit
8205Error processing AA transaction  Edit
8206Could not process analytics  Edit
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