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Errors for the taGLTransactionLineInsert Stored Procedure

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eConnect Schema Reference for taGLTransactionLineInsert
603Unable to update/create GL Line record - GL10001  Edit
640Post Custom Business Logic returned an error value  Edit
678Pre Custom Business Logic returned an error value  Edit
679The Account Number (ACTNUMST) does not exist in the Account Index Master Table Answers exist! Join NowEdit
680A null was found in at least one input parameter for GL Trx Line Insert  Edit
682The Batch Number (BACHNUMB) passed into GL Trx Line Insert is blank  Edit
683You have not passed an ACTINDX (ACTINDX) or an Account String (ACTNUMST)  Edit
684The Account Index (ACTINDX) does not exist in GL00100 table - Account Master  Edit
686The Account Index (ACTINDX) does not exist in GL00105 table - Account Index Master  Edit
687Input variable contains a duplicate Journal Entry number in GL  Edit
775Unable to create GL Line record for GL Taxes  Edit
789Unable to create the GL VAT Tax record - GL10300 Table  Edit
790Invalid tax detail ID (TAXDTLID)  Edit
791Tax detail ID does not have a default account index  Edit
792GL Taxes are not enabled in your company, you can not pass in tax information  Edit
814The decimal places on the Unit Account differ from the defined decimals on the Unit Account  Edit
2013This Account does not allow Account Entry  Edit
2753eConnectOutVerify proc returned an error value  Edit
2754eConnectOutVerify proc returned an error value  Edit
3699The requester trx value (RequesterTrx) is invalid - 0 = False & 1 = True are valid  Edit
5471You have passed in a (CRDTAMNT) and (DEBITAMT), only one can be passed in per node  Edit
5599The Batch Number (BACHNUMB) you are trying to insert into has been approved - you can not edit an approved batch  Edit
5600You can not pass a negative Credit Amount (CRDTAMNT) or a negative Debit Amount (DEBITAMT)  Edit
5617The Account passed is inactive in Account Maintenance and you can not pass an inactive account  Edit
5618You have passed a negative Line Sequence Number (SQNCLINE) this is not allowed - it must be positive or zero  Edit
7738Input variable contains a duplicate Sequence Line Number (SQNCLINE)  Edit
7768An Invalid Rate Type ID (RATETPID) has been entered - The Rate Type ID does not exist in the Multicurrency Rate Type Setup Table - MC40100  Edit
7769The Exchange Rate passed (XCHGRATE) can not be < 0  Edit
7770An error occurred in the taMCCurrencyValidate proc  Edit
7921Invalid Currency Answers exist! Join NowEdit
8118Document Date is required when using Multicurrency  Edit
8139The Tax Account Number (TAXACTNUMST) does not exist in the Account Index Master Table  Edit
9287MC Exchange rate (XCHGRATE) <> 0  Edit
9368Input variable Journal Entry (JRNENTRY) is out of range (1 to 99,999,999)  Edit
9461Unable to get temp value  Edit
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