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Errors for the taGLTransactionHeaderInsert Stored Procedure

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eConnect Schema Reference for taGLTransactionHeaderInsert
121Pre Custom Business Logic for taGLTransactionHeaderInsertPre returned an error value  Edit
139A null was found in at least one input parameter for GL Trx Header Insert  Edit
140The Batch Number (BACHNUMB) passed into GL Trx Header Insert is blank  Edit
141The Reference (REFRENCE) passed into GL Trx Header Insert is blank  Edit
484Unable to obtain the next note index Answers exist! Join NowEdit
485Unable to update/create the batch number  Edit
486Unable to update/create General Ledger Header record - GL10000  Edit
487Post Custom Business Logic -taGLTransactionHeaderInsertPost - returned an error value  Edit
572Batch is currently marked to post or being posted  Edit
596The Transaction Date (TRXDATE) is not within a Fiscal Year  Edit
675The Transaction Type (TRXTYPE) passed into the GL Trx Header Insert is invalid  Edit
937An Invalid Rate Type ID (RATETPID) has been entered - The Rate Type ID does not exist in the Multicurrency Rate Type Setup Table - MC40100  Edit
938Invalid Currency Answers exist! Join NowEdit
939An error occurred in the taMCCurrencyValidate proc  Edit
940An error was returned from the taMCCurrencyValidate proc  Edit
941MC Exchange rate (XCHGRATE) <> 0  Edit
942SQL error occurred updating GL10001  Edit
943SQL error occurred updating GL10001  Edit
944Unbalanced journal entry, the credits do not equal the debits Answers exist! Join NowEdit
997Input variable contains a duplicate Journal Entry (JRNENTRY) number in General Ledger - (GL10000 or GL20000)  Edit
1196Error processing MDA Insert  Edit
1281eConnectOutVerify proc returned an error value  Edit
1282eConnectOutVerify proc returned an error value  Edit
3706The requester trx value is invalid - 0 = False & 1 = True are valid  Edit
4635Unable to insert GL Line mc rounding entry to the GL10001  Edit
4636Unable to insert GL Line MC rounding entry to the GL10001  Edit
4642Reversing Date (RVRSNGDT) must be the same as or later than the Transaction Date (TRXDATE)  Edit
5381Recurring transactions must originate in the functional currency  Edit
5596The Exchange Rate passed (XCHGRATE) can not be < 0  Edit
5619The Sequence Line value (SQNCLINE) you passed is negative - it must be a positive number or zero  Edit
5870Unable to create GL Transaction header note - SY03900  Edit
7117The Trx Date (TRXDATE) entered falls in a closed fiscal period  Edit
7118The Trx Date (TRXDATE) entered falls in a closed fiscal period  Edit
7808The Series (SERIES) can not be < 1 or > 7 - 1=All, 2=Financial, 3=Sales, 4=Purchasing, 5=Inventory, 6=Payroll, 7=Project  Edit
8688The fiscal year passed for RVRSNGDT is not set up in the SY40101 table  Edit
9276Decimal Places passed in to line does not match setup Answers exist! Join NowEdit
9367Input variable Journal Entry (JRNENTRY) is out of range (1 to 99,999,999)  Edit
9394Error processing AA transaction  Edit
9436Could not process analytics  Edit
9447Error processing AA transaction  Edit
9462Unable to get temp value  Edit
9499You can not post more than one year prior to the first day of the earliest open year  Edit
9552Invalid Currency, a Functional currency must be set up for eConnect  Edit
11483Period is not closed for an Adjustment Transaction  Edit
11985Batch number on the line and header do not match  Edit
20124The Ledger_ID value (Ledger_ID) you passed is incorrect 1=Base, 2=IFRS or 3=Loal are valid values  Edit
20125The Ledger_ID value (Ledger_ID) you passed must be 1 or BASE as GL Setup is not set up Allow Reporting Ledgers  Edit
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