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Errors for the taFSServiceCallMultiTech Stored Procedure

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eConnect Schema Reference for taFSServiceCallMultiTech
11405Pre Custom Business Logic in taFSServiceCallMultiTechPre returned an error value  Edit
11406At least one input variable contains a null value in taFSServiceCallMultiTech  Edit
11407Input variable contains an empty value Answers exist! Join NowEdit
11408Input variable (UpdateIfExists) contains an invalid value  Edit
11409Service Call (CALLNBR) has already been invoiced and cannot be edited  Edit
11410Invalid Service Record Type (SRVRECTYPE) - 1 through 3 are valid values  Edit
11411Service Record Type (SRVRECTYPE) and Call Number (CALLNBR) combinations are marked for posting  Edit
11412Serial Number (SERLNMBR) does not exist for this Item/Customer (ITEMNMBR/CUSTNMBR) combination  Edit
11413Equipment Line Sequence (EQPLINE) contains an invalid value  Edit
11414Equipment Line Sequence (EQPLINE) passed does not match ITENMBR/SERLNMBR passed in SVC00202  Edit
11415EQPLINE is required when the Equipment Number exists multiple times on the service call  Edit
11416Equipment information passed does not exist on the service call  Edit
11417Equipment Line Sequence (EQPLINE) does not exist on the service call  Edit
11418Customer (CUSTNMBR) does not exist in the Customer Master Table - RM00101  Edit
11419Invalid Tech ID (TECHID), Tech ID does not exist in the SVC00100 Table  Edit
11420Tech ID status is not available  Edit
11421Technician ID is already assigned to the Equipment line and the UpdateIfExists flag is set to not allow updates  Edit
11422LNITMSEQ is required to update a Technician record  Edit
11423Technician record does not exist and cannot be updated  Edit
11424Unable to obtain a Line Item Sequence number for the technician record  Edit
11425Unable to insert the technician record - SVC00207  Edit
11427Unable to update the technician record - SVC00207  Edit
11428Unable to update the TECHID value - SVC00200  Edit
11429Post Custom Business Logic in taFSServiceCallMultiTechPost returned an error value  Edit
11430A technician record already exists for this LNITMSEQ and UpdateIfExists flag is set to not allow updates  Edit
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