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Errors for the taFSRTVLineSerial Stored Procedure

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eConnect Schema Reference for taFSRTVLineSerial
10240Pre Custom Business Logic in taFSRTVLineSerialPre returned an error value  Edit
10241At least one input variable contains a null value in taFSRTVLineSerial  Edit
10242Input variable contains an empty value Answers exist! Join NowEdit
10243Input variable (RTV_Line) or (SLTSQNUM) or (QTYTYPE) contains a negative value  Edit
10244RTV document is marked for shipping  Edit
10254Duplicate RTV Serial Line. Line exists in table - SVC05602  Edit
10255Error occurred while deleting a serial line entry  Edit
10256Serial Number (SERLNMBR) does not exist in this Item Location (ITEMNMBR/LOCNCODE)  Edit
10257Invalid Received Date, Received Date time value must be 00:00:00  Edit
10258Invalid values have been entered. The serial line entry does not exist to update record with a returned item  Edit
10259Unable to insert the RTV line serial record - SVC05602  Edit
10260Unable to update the RTV line serial record - SVC05602  Edit
10261Post Custom Business Logic in taFSRTVLineSerialPost returned an error value  Edit
10262Input variable (UpdateIfExists) contains an invalid value  Edit
10263The return customer ID has not been setup in service setup to be used for assigning  Edit
10264Return Customer ID setup in Field Service Setup does not exist in the Customer Master Table - RM00101  Edit
10265Process to create Equipment record using taFSEquipmentMaster proc returned an error  Edit
10266Invalid In/Out value (InOrOut) - Value can be 1=Out/Sent, 2=In/Receive  Edit
10267Process to update Serial Master for previously used serial number returned an error  Edit
10268Process to update Serial Master returned an error  Edit
10333RTV document is marked for receiving  Edit
10334Invalid Quantity Type (QTYTYPE) - Value can be 1=On Hand, 2=Returned, 3=In Use, 4=In Service, 5=Damaged  Edit
10335Item (ITEMNMBR) does not exist in the Item Master Table - IV00101  Edit
10336Vendor (VENDORID) does not exist in the Vendor Master Table - RM00101  Edit
10337Location (LOCNCODE) does not exist in the Location Setup Table - IV40700  Edit
10338Address Code does not exist for this Vendor  Edit
10339Item Location does not exist in the Item Qty Location Table - IV00102  Edit
10340Duplicate RTV Serial Line. RTV exists in History table - SVC35255  Edit
10342RTV document is marked for closing  Edit
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