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Errors for the taDeleteSkills Stored Procedure

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eConnect Schema Reference for taDeleteSkills
8715Pre Custom Business Logic in taDeleteSkillsPre returned an error value  Edit
8716A null was found in at least one input parameter for Skills delete  Edit
8717Skill (SKILLTITLE_I) is empty  Edit
8718Skill (SKILLTITLE_I) does not exist in the Skill Master Table - DYNAMICS..HR2SKL01  Edit
8719The requester trx value (RequesterTrx) is invalid - 0 & 1 are valid  Edit
8720SQL error occurred deleting record in Skill master table - DYNAMICS..HR2SKL01  Edit
8721SQL error occurred deleting record in HR Skill Sets Line table - DYNAMICS..HR2SKL06  Edit
8722SQL error occurred deleting record in HR Applicant Tests table - DYNAMICS..HR2APP09  Edit
8723Post Custom Business Logic in taDeleteSkillsPost returned an error value  Edit
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