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Errors for the taCreateEmployeeDeductionBasedOnPayCodes Stored Procedure

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eConnect Schema Reference for taCreateEmployeeDeductionBasedOnPayCodes
2047The Deduction Code (DEDUCTON) does not exist in the Deduction Setup Table - UPR40900  Edit
2048Unable to insert into the Payroll Deduction Based on Master table - UPR00501  Edit
2049Duplicate Employee Deduction Based On Pay Code record - UPR00501  Edit
4167A null was found in at least one input parameter for taCreateEmployeeDeductionBasedOnPayCodes  Edit
4168The Employee ID parameter (EMPLOYID) is blank  Edit
4169The Employee ID (EMPLOYID) does not exist in the Employee Master table - UPR00100  Edit
4170The Deduction parameter (DEDUCTON) is blank  Edit
4171The Based on Pay Code parameter (BSDONCDE) is blank  Edit
4172The Based on Pay Code (BSDONCDE) does not exist - please enter the Pay Code in Pay Code setup first  Edit
4173The Employee ID (EMPLOYID) & Deduction (DEDUCTON) you are trying to insert does not exist in the UPR00500 table  Edit
4174Based on Records is set to all in UPR00500 - due to this setup individual Based on Records are invalid  Edit
6237The RequesterTrx parameter is invalid - 0=False & 1=True  Edit
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