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Errors for the taCreateCustomerItems Stored Procedure

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eConnect Schema Reference for taCreateCustomerItems
3651Pre Custom Business Logic for taCreateCustomerItemsPre returned an error value  Edit
3652At least one input variable contains a null value in taCreateCustomerItems stored procedure  Edit
3653Item Number (ITEMNMBR) is empty  Edit
3654The Item Number (ITEMNMBR) passed does not exist in Item Master table - IV00101  Edit
3656Customer ID (CUSTNMBR) is empty  Edit
3657The Customer ID (CUSTNMBR) passed does not exist in Customer Master table - RM00101  Edit
3658The requester trx value (RequesterTrx) is invalid - 0 = False & 1 = True are valid  Edit
3659Unable to insert into the Sales Customer Item Cross Reference Table - SOP60300  Edit
3660Duplicate Item/Customer record  Edit
3661Post Custom Business Logic for taCreateCustomerItemsPost returned an error value  Edit
5316The Substitute Item Number (SUBITEMNMBR) passed does not exist in Item Master table - IV00101  Edit
5317The Item Number (ITEMNMBR) and Substitute Item Number (SUBITEMNMBR) can not be the same value  Edit
5318The End Date (ENDDATE) can not be < the Start Date (STRTDATE)  Edit
5319Unable to insert into the Sales Customer Item Substitute Table - SOP00300  Edit
5344Unable to obtain the next note index Answers exist! Join NowEdit
5345Duplicate Substitute record in the SOP00300  Edit
5475You can not pass an Inventory Item Number as a Customer Item (CUSTITEMNMBR) - the value Customer Item (CUSTITEMNMBR) can not already exist in the IV00101  Edit
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