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Errors for the taBRBankTransactionHeader Stored Procedure

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eConnect Schema Reference for taBRBankTransactionHeader
5601Functional Debits and Credits do not match (DEBITAMT <> CRDTAMNT in CM20400)  Edit
5602Unable to update GL10000 table  Edit
5603Unable to update GL10001 table  Edit
5605The currency id may not be passed in when entering transactions (Option = 1)  Edit
5606This company does not have access to the currency passed in  Edit
5607The Currency ID (CURNCYID) is set to inactive for this database in the DYNAMICS..MC60100 table  Edit
5608The RcpType parameter is an invalid value - 1=Check; 2=Cash; 3=Credit Card  Edit
5609Only the functional currency or the currency assigned to the checkbook can be used  Edit
5610Error updating CM00100 table  Edit
5611Unable to insert into the CM20300 table  Edit
7579Pre Custom Business Logic returned an error value  Edit
7580At least one input variable contains a null value in taBRBankTransactionHeader stored procedure  Edit
7581Input variable contains a negative value  Edit
7582Unable to obtain the next note index Answers exist! Join NowEdit
7583A functional currency is not setup and is required for eConnect  Edit
7584The Option parameter is an invalid value - 1=Enter Trx; 2=Enter Receipt  Edit
7585The CMTrxType parameter is an invalid value - 3=Check; 4=Withdrawal; 5=Increase Adjustment; 6=Decrease Adjustment  Edit
7586The CHEKBKID parameter cannot be empty  Edit
7587The CMTrxNum parameter cannot be empty  Edit
7589The RATEEXPR parameter is invalid  Edit
7590The TRXDTDEF parameter is invalid  Edit
7591The RTCLCMTD parameter is invalid  Edit
7592The RequesterTrx value passed in is invalid - 0=False; 1=True  Edit
7593The Checkbook ID (CHEKBKID) does not exist in the Checkbook Master table - CM00100  Edit
7594The Checkbook ID (CHEKBKID) passed is set to inactive in the Checkbook Master Table - CM00100  Edit
7595Input number of decimals on TRXAMNT exceeds setup for currency decimal places for currency on the Checkbook ID (CHEKBKID)  Edit
7596The checkbook default Currency ID (CURNCYID) is set to inactive for this database in the DYNAMICS..MC60100 table  Edit
7597An error was returned from the taMCCurrencyValidate proc  Edit
7598Unable to get Audit Trail Code  Edit
7599Error updating CM20400 table  Edit
7600Error updating CM20400 table  Edit
7601Unable to insert into the CM20100 table  Edit
7602Unable to insert into the CM20200 table  Edit
7603Unable to insert into the CM20400 table  Edit
7604Originating Debits and Credits do not match (ORDBTAMT <> ORCRDAMT in CM20400)  Edit
7605Post Custom Business Logic returned an error value  Edit
7623Unable to update the CM20400 table  Edit
7635Unable to fetch next record for posting Bank Transactions  Edit
7636Unable to get next journal entry number  Edit
7637Could not create GL transaction line  Edit
7638Could not create GL transaction header  Edit
7639Error deleting record from DTA10100  Edit
7640Error deleting record from DTA10200  Edit
7700Unable to update SY00500 table  Edit
7702Unable to insert rounding difference into the CM20400 table  Edit
7703MC Rounding account is not setup in Posting Accounts Setup  Edit
8113The Credit Card (CARDNAME) passed does not exist in the Credit Card Master Table - SY03100  Edit
8114The Credit Card (CARDNAME) passed can not be a Charge, Credit or Check Card only Bank Cards can be used for this transaction type  Edit
9395Error processing AA transaction  Edit
9396Error processing AA transaction  Edit
9428Could not process analytics  Edit
9478Invalid Analytics distributions  Edit
9479Error updating AAG20001  Edit
10449cmGetLastJournalNumber returned an error  Edit
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