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Errors for the taBRBankDepositsHeader Stored Procedure

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eConnect Schema Reference for taBRBankDepositsHeader
7338Pre Custom Business Logic returned an error value  Edit
7339At least one input variable contains a null value in taBRBankDepositsHeader stored procedure  Edit
7345Unable to obtain the next note index Answers exist! Join NowEdit
7346The Checkbook ID (CHEKBKID) is empty  Edit
7365The Checkbook ID (CHEKBKID) does not exist in the Checkbook Master table - CM00100  Edit
7366The Checkbook ID (CHEKBKID) passed is set to inactive in the Checkbook Master Table - CM00100  Edit
7367The Deposit Number (depositnumber) is empty  Edit
7368The Deposit Number already exists  Edit
7369Error updating CM10101 table  Edit
7370The Deposit Type (DEPTYPE) is an invalid value - 1=Deposit w/ receipt; 2=Deposit w/o receipt  Edit
7371Error updating CM10101 table  Edit
7372A functional currency is not setup and is required for eConnect  Edit
7373The Currency ID (CURNCYID) does not exist in the DYNAMICS..MC40200 table  Edit
7374The Currency ID (CURNCYID) is not accessible for this database in the DYNAMICS..MC60100 table  Edit
7375The Currency ID (CURNCYID) is set to inactive for this database in the DYNAMICS..MC60100 table  Edit
7376The RequesterTrx value passed in is invalid - 0=False; 1=True  Edit
7377Unable to insert into the CM10100 table  Edit
7378Post Custom Business Logic returned an error value  Edit
7379An error was returned from the taMCCurrencyValidate proc  Edit
7380Invalid Option parameter pass in - 1=Enter/Edit  Edit
7381Input variable contains a negative value  Edit
7382The RATEEXPR value passed in is invalid  Edit
7383The TRXDTDEF value passed in is invalid  Edit
7384The RTCLCMTD value passed in is invalid  Edit
7385Input number of decimals exceeds setup for currency decimal places for currency on the Checkbook ID (CHEKBKID)  Edit
7386Unable to insert into the CM10101 table  Edit
7387The Deposit Amount (DepAmt) does not equal the sum of (CheckTotal+CreditCardTotal+CurrencyAmount+CoinAmount)  Edit
7401The deposit has already been posted for the Checkbook  Edit
7454Error updating CM20300 table  Edit
7455Error updating CM10101 table  Edit
7460A Deposit Line record exists for this deposit, make sure the taBRBankDepositsLine node is not being used with a DEPTYPE = 2 (Deposit without Receipt  Edit
7466A Deposit for the Checkbook already exists with Receipts  Edit
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