BethanyW 8/6/2008 9:16:00 AM

Things that bug me

My friend Corey and I used to have a running complaint called 'things that bug me'. I don't see Corey so much any more - so I'll just share this with you


Things that bug me:

  • Overly cheerful Starbucks employees
  • People that respond to emails or IMs with one word. (now I have to stop what I'm doing to read 'OK' or 'Thanks')
  • Baseball stadiums that sell salad
  • People that buy salads at baseball games (ok, that should only be one... but it really bugs me)
  • People that send an email that says 'call me'. Dude, I'm a programmer. I sit here all day. Instead of making me read your email, just dial my number.
  • People that walk around all day with their blue tooth headset on. It's like at any minute you will become less important than the really important phone call that they're about to get.
  • Teenagers that send text messages while looking you in the eye. Have you seen this? It's hard to believe it's possible. If you're talking to a teen and wonding why their hand looks busy in their pocket, they're probably texting someone much more interesting than you. If you think about it, that's probably anyone. (sigh)
  • People that call back on caller ID when you dialed a wrong number. So, you dial a wrong number and hang up quickly and dial the right number, then they call you and ask who you are and why did you call them. I'm gonna start telling them that I'm from the Doctor's office and their spouse's test results are in and it looks like an STD.


I'll keep filling this in. Maybe it'll be therepudic. Maybe they'll read it out loud at my trial and ask me if I remember writing it. You never know.

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