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What is Branding, and why do I need it?

Branding is when you create a certain image for your product. That image may only be font and color, it may include a logo or maybe a slogan. It may include a spokesperson. Your brand represents who you are, what your product is to the world.

You say “We’re a church”, or “We’re a school, why do we need that?” The brand of a church or school is how it is seen by the public. If you think of Florida State, or the University of Florida, what enters your mind? Colors? Mascots?


It took me about ten seconds to find an example on the internet:

When I do work for major institutions, they send me reams of branding information that has to be perfect. Colors, logos, fonts are the biggest issues.

recommend that you develop a brand for the school, and repeat it every place. Over and over and over. Everything that you do should have that brand on it.

I find that sometimes Christian organizations (which I do a lot of work for) are reluctant to go to the expense to develop a brand (you should have it done profesisonally) but it’s a one time charge, and it is needed in order to effectively promote the organization. Imagine Coke without a brand, or McDonalds. Hard to print T-Shirts <big smile>

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