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6/4/2021 8:02:31 AM

Dynamics Project Accounting Project Type discussion

* This article, and all our great Dynamics GP documentation, Is available on the Dynamics GP menu

We wrote an integration this year for a company that needed to integrate Receivable transactions into Dynamics GP, and they use Dynamics Project Cost. 

We are importing an invoice and the payments, we need to apply the two and have the apply mirror in PC. 

In this effort we ran into a snag and needed help from Microsoft. The support engineer was great, even though this is an unsupported effort he pointed out the problem, and as an extra bonus sent me the discussion below on how PC project types work. 

I have no accounting training, so the discussion below was helpful for me. Just wanted to blog it so I don't lose it. 

Thanks, Isaac...
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Section: Dynamics GP,eConnect

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