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8/13/2020 9:05:39 AM

Dynamic (Programmatic) ASP.NET Nested User Controls

* This article, and all our great .NET Development documentation, Is available on the .NET Development menu

This article will detail how to dynamically add nested user controls (ascx pages) to a standard web page. 

In other words:

>> ucChild.ascx (added as a standard control)
>>>> ucGrandChild (added dynamically from code behind)
>>>> ucGrandChild2 (added dynamically from code behind)

We needed to add the GrandChildren user control 0 to many times, so the dynamic (programmatic) approach was important

As usual, I'm going to post this code as tersely as possible, but if you have a question please just ask in the comments. 

The result will look like this:

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Section: .NET Development
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