I love my job. 

I know I keep saying that... but I really do. 

Today's SQL puzzler is this (if you think that you have a solution that is better PLEASE comment below):

I need a script that has multiple GOs, and if something goes wrong I need the ENTIRE script to cancel. 


declare @somethingiswrong int
set @somethingiswrong = 1
if @somethingiswrong = 1 begin
    --code needs to exit here
    print 'exiting code'
--this is a new batch. this should not execute
print 'i should not be here'

I went though a couple of iterations, including

raiserror('Oh no a fatal error', 20, -1) with log

Which was brutally heavy handed, and 

set noexec on

Which... was interesting, and it worked... but I wasn't sold. 

I ended up with this:



Today I needed to display a horizontal list, and allow the users to click on the items and allow me to run code in the background. 

I'm experimenting with the Telerik RadListView, and here's the result:

The dataset behind this is this:

and the code is below


Hola a todos, me encuentro modificando la ventana de consulta de transacciones de clientes, desde el menú herramientas de GP2018, modificar ventana actual, para que quede según la imagen que adjunto, sin embargo el campo final Deuda, que corresponde ha Customer Balance , no puedo agregarlo.

¿Alguien puede darme una pista de como resolver esto?

La imagen que proporciono es de GP10.0 donde había sido modificada así. 

La parte superior ya la tengo modificada en GP2018, faltando solo el campo de deuda.

Edit 7/3/2021:

Hello everyone, I am modifying the client transactions query window, from the GP2018 tools menu, modify current window, so that it is according to the image that I attach, however the final Debt field, which corresponds to Customer Balance, I can not add it.

Can anyone give me a hint how to solve this?

The image I provide is from GP10.0 where it had been modified like this.

The upper part I have already modified in GP2018, missing only the debt field.


I have an invoice with back orders in it. When I run the edit list for the batch, I get a message "item has quantities to back order"

I have created a PO for the item with the exact quantity, received and posted but it's still not allowing me to post invoice.

How do I handle this situation? Can anyone help?

Thanks a bunch



I'm trying to import SOP orders to GP2010 SOP Trx Entry Windows with items that are tracked by lot number but some of them are rejected because they don't have Qty's available but we want to import them anyway because it will go to backorder what's it's left of Qty.  The whole order will not import because of this, I have checked each item several times and it seems ok but still have this problem. 

I'm using XML Format to import theses orders.

Any suggestions?

Thank You

Hello, I hope you can help me.

I have been working on a development for several weeks, and the only thing that I have been stopped by is the architecture of my library.

I am using eConnect, which and installed from the Dynamics GP 2018 installer, and I use it wonderfully, the problem is that when trying to call this library, GP basically tells me that it is 64 bits and cannot load it, look for the version of 32 bits in the folder 'Program files (x86)', but still this is 64 bits, so I don't know if it is really possible to get the 32-bit version of eConnect, or that GP allows me to run 64-bit libraries.

I have a GP user that when she tries to work with a Sales Transaction Navigation List - GP thinks she has some process that has failed to complete and she can't do her usual process (print documents to a pdf) - she gets this message: "One or more processes are in process"


Image preview

Hello All,

My company would like an SSRS report that identifies the ON-HAND inventory on any given date entered into the selection parameters.  Has anyone created something like this, and can point me in the right direction?  This is for all inventory Items at all Site IDs, by Item by Site.



Hola a Todos, estoy tratando de enviar Estados de Cuenta por email, pero me envía un error relacionado con el MAPI, según la imagen


Hi All, I'm trying to send Statements by email, but it sends me an error related to the MAPI, according to the image



This is not a development question per se, but I'm hoping someone might have a clue as to the issue.  We use multicurrency in one company and receive payments in both the functional currency (CAD) and in USD.  When I try to switch from functional to originating in the RM inquiry window, I get the attached error.  I've of course Googled it, but nothing exactly matches.

I'm going to run the standard reconcile and checklinks crap that is usually suggested, but in the interim if anyone might have a clue as to why it's failing I'd appreciate some insight.

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